Monday, July 07, 2003

Reflections About Keeping a Journal

7 July, 2003 Still in Baghdad

Ahh, another hot night with the constant drone of helicopters in the background at the landing pad. Feeling a little better now that I got a letter from you and a postcard. We also got to talk for almost an hour night before last, and that was wonderful! I feel more alive again! I love you so much Nora, and I’m dreaming of you so much. We’re both here in my dreams, and sometimes in combat. I love you though! Well, I haven’t reported much over the past two days. A lot has happened though. More death, more explosions, and more conversations. As I get to all of that in the next volume, I am going to focus on things I’ve left out in this book. It is difficult to keep a journal, but so necessary. It’s also difficult to keep a good writing style under this stress, but that is something I must focus on in order to convey the proper images of this experience. Some things I have learned in the course of this volume: nothing is stronger than true love – it always overcomes your greatest fears. Man is powerful, and life fragile, and God’s love is the only hope for peace inside yourself and in the world. Men without God can be dreadfully cruel. Ignorance is extremely dangerous and to be feared and fought tirelessly. Long-term change is the solution. Surround yourself with trustworthy people – mentor those of dull character. Do what is right, you will not fall. History will sort out bad men, friends will remember the good men. I love you Nora!


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