Sunday, June 15, 2003

Looking for an Iraqi Wife and a Child is Shot

15 June, 2003

Tonight is exceedingly humid and I have my towel by my side – half soaked already. Nothing much happened today, even with “Operation Desert Scorpion.” That turned out to be a joke. In all, three AK-47s and $32,000.00 (that will be returned) was found in a sweeping, shocking, raid. There was one safe confiscated too. It was blown open, and all we found was a package of staples. It reminds me of the house raid on my shift that raided the home of the man to shit on himself. We had helicopters, tanks, scouts sur-rounding the house – such a show of force – BUT all that was found was a single .38 caliber bullet. Wow.
Any ways, this morning, Foley and I woke in the condo to two loud explosions near our building. I jumped up to see some sol-diers running with their rifles towards the building. It sounded to close, but not close to our building. We weren’t able to determine what it was, but mortar explosions are probable. I am getting used to the sporadic explosions and automatic weapons fire. It doesn’t even register any more. Even tonight, just as I was thinking I ha-ven’t yet heard gunfire tonight, two gunshots rang out loudly a medium distance away. The guards asked, “Did you see tracers?”
‘Na, no tracers!’ I responded. So nothing happened, Baghdad remains the same. Oh! Yes, last night, a car drove through a roadblock at Apache sector – so they shot it, but then the driver shot back as they drove away. His bullet grazed a child near the road, but he is going to be OK.
Today Buck showed me a card acetated to the butt stock of his rifle. It said something in Arabic. He said it said, “Please stand back, thank you.” This he told all who asked. He said this would help keep kids away from him when he would go on patrols. Well, it turns out he had our translator, a good man, write “Hello sweet-heart, I will take you to America with me.” The translator didn’t write this right away, but only reluctantly after asking Buck if he would marry the prospective woman first, and respect her. Buck gave his promise, and our translator granted his wish for a sign. I had to laugh at this.
Ahhh Spatzi, I am listening to “Das Sontagskind” The Sunday Child again. I am studying German a lot! I got to talk to you twice today! I wanted to talk to you so badly this morning, just to hear your voice. The phone seemed to be working, so I tried and got through only after a few tries! It was SO GREAT to talk to you Nora, to hear your voice! I am in suck a good mood after that! I am thinking of you every minute Nora. I love you so much!


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