Thursday, May 29, 2003

We Finally Arrive in Baghdad

29 May 2003 0845 Somewhere in Iraq

We stopped to get fuel. The march has been peaceful, and the land is beautiful. So far, the people, the families, the children we’ve seen are smiling and waving. Last night when we drove across the boarder, the children were along the roads cheering for us. I was surprised by the unexpected emotions that swelled up inside of me out of seeing this, and a tear did come to my eye. It will be interesting to find out what is going on here. From the looks of it, all is going well, and we are appreciated here. Nora, I love you, and the whole drive I was looking at the stars and thinking of you. This is an important time in many ways, and I thank God for you and for the day I come home to you. Muah! I love you so much!
1258 – Baghdad. Saddam Parade Ground. We just made it into Baghdad center, the scene is amazing for both good and bad reasons. Most important is the people – they are overjoyed – to say the least – that we are here. I have never seen anything like this; it must be something akin to the liberation of Paris. The scale of jubilation and gratefulness is growing on the faces of every man, woman, and child. The devastation here is real and apparent everywhere, but seems to be limited to government buildings. The real work can now begin, and I thank God for that, now that I can help pick up the pieces. Nora, everything is going to be OK, we are so fortunate.


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