Monday, April 05, 2004

All Hell Breaks Loose: Fear Becomes Reality as Rebellion Explodes

5 April, 2004 0320

Sadr’s Army openly attacked Americans yesterday (today, I’ve been on the radio since 1900 yesterday ‘till now). I didn’t drive tonight, instead I was called in to work with Major Stanton, CPT Smalls, and our emergency battle staff in combat operations. It’s still so surreal. Many people are going to be dead when the sun comes up today. Sadr is trying to start a civil war, and my #1 worst fear came true today – massive civil unrest. I am going to go to bed now and get some rest. One of our guys was killed from C Company, Sergeant Patrick. I can’t believe it. It hasn’t set in yet. Engaging the enemy hasn’t taken on a human context yet – it’s all KIA, WIA, 2 killed, 14 killed, engaging this and that. Seems bloodless, like squishing ants. Heavy firefighting went on tonight, collateral damage could be substantial. I love you Nora, and I’ll be home soon.


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