Saturday, February 28, 2004

Date Sandwiches in Qatar and Brit Pop a al Arab Record Store

28 February, 2004 1100

Spatzi, we talked last night for 2 hours or more, and it was great. I love you.
Well, to continue my story about Qatar, Nixon and I were at the supermarket. We went to the spice section, and there had to be about 100 or more bags of spices. It was awesome, and the smells were so rich. I had never seen so many spices! I guess we don’t use that much spice in the West. I would like to learn how to use them in rice and main dishes. I bought some bread and dates to make date sandwiches like the one I had on the farm in east Baghdad. When we went to check out, I noticed an Arab man placing his wife’s groceries in a bag. That was new, the man helping the woman! You don’t see that too often in Arab society. Nixon and I walked around a bit more and I bought you a box from Iran.
I found a music store, very simple and dark, full of British music. I noticed Muse playing overhead and Charlatans UK on the shelf! I couldn’t believe it, I loved it! Of course I find this perfect little record store in Qatar. I noticed some Arabs, four of them, standing around the register counter flipping through CD cases. ‘Do you have any more Muse?’ I asked.
“Nay, we are all sold out, mate,” the young Arab store manager said.
‘Wow, Muse sold out in Qatar, it barely sells anywhere else,’ I thought to myself. I thanked them and all four said goodbye in a friendly way. Nixon and I rode the bus back to the base. Dido’s “White Flag” was playing as I starred out the dark window as lights passed and I felt alone in the world – because I missed you so.


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