Thursday, February 19, 2004

Reflecting on the Good in the World, Donnie Rumsfeld Visits; We Leave in a Hurry

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19 February, 2004 1130 Saddam’s Secret Police HQs

There’s no other place I would rather be than with you right now. We had a long talk last night about the future, about what course we should take. It’s a trying time, but we have to move forward regardless. I love you so truly, so completely, so endlessly, I will work hard for you Nora. We’re so lucky to have the love that we have, and I’ll work hard for it – you deserve that Nora, you deserve the best from me.
I want to do something for peace, for something positive and honest, contribute to my community. I don’t want to change the whole world, but I see a lot of things and problems that are universal in every country or culture I’ve been so lucky to encounter. For all the evil in the world, it is still true that love and goodness is all around. It doesn’t sell movies or captivate TV viewers of news, but love is all around. I would like to be a “soldier” of good will. We need strong and sincere and wise leadership more than ever, and I would be so happy to help bring the world together. There’s something I can do, I feel it inside of me, I feel a sense of clarity and desire to take on big challenges and create real solutions – because I believe solutions are very possible to many issues of our day.
Most importantly, I value our love beyond measure, and it’s the most wonderful accomplishment I’ll ever have, it’s the most wonderful gift of my life, and you Nora – you make me alive. That’s not some empty romantic speak. It’s very true, an absolute truth. When you come into a room, I see a beautiful woman, a beautiful person, the woman who I belong to, the woman created out of the dusts of time into the most magnificent miracle I have ever known. You’re my soul mate, my partner in everything, my true love. My destiny is intertwined with yours, and that’s a destiny I am so happy to be part of. Nora, I love you, and I’ll support you always! Ich liebe Dich, Dein Dan.

Donald Rumsfeld came to our base shortly after this journal entry was written. I remember seeing his helicopter swooping in over our compound. Word was out that a major VIP would be in the area, and thus many soldiers were tasked with tidying up for the visitor – just in case he came to see us. Not too much effort was exercised though. What was amusing though was the rush of some personnel to their vehicles to conduct “patrols” off the base. Since Rumsfeld would be on the base, the base gates would be shut to incoming and outgoing traffic. All traffic – soldiers included. Many patrols mounted up so they would not be stuck on the base during their scheduled patrol times. Others mounted up to avoid Rumsfeld all together. I had to laugh at this. It was nice that Rumseld thought to come to Baghdad, but it did create a headache for the guys just trying to do their jobs without having to worry about a celebrity interrupting the daily grind. Many units would call in asking, “Is he gone yet?”

Visit for a complete Operation Iraq Freedom experience, including video, photos, and a virtual TOC.


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