Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I'm Hit With a Bomb - Again.

16 DEC 03 (Actually 17 DEC 03 now, it’s 0100)

It happened again. A bomb went off along the roadside where Foley (in the lead vehicle) and I (in the trail vehicle) were driving. It’s the second time I’ve been attacked by a bomb or grenade. I’m exhausted right now so I don’t want to get into details now. I just finished calling you and I didn’t mention this so you wouldn’t get upset. I love you Nora – we’ll be OK. I will say that I distinctly remember the taste of explosives vapor in my mouth, the numbing of my left leg, and going deaf for a few minutes in my left ear. The explosion was tremendous. I’ve been so lucky. If it were 155mm I would have been killed. God is watching over me. The suspected bomber has been arrested. More on that later. I love you Nora. So dearly!


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