Thursday, August 14, 2003

Watermellon Patch Destroyed, Choy's Care Package Insecurity

August 14, 2003

The phone is back on! It was permanently blocked, but I kept calling division (two tiers above my level) and pestering them. I called Baghdad International Airport and there is the HQ for the 1st Armored Division and signal command. The restriction to Germany and the U.S. was permanent since 3 days. I called, and the lieutenant on the other line knew me! It was 1LT Bodanis, an LT friend of mine. He’s a great guy. Anyways, he said yesterday he would help out, and I got 2 more calls from a warrant officer and another LT. They asked what number I wanted to have access and said they would lift the restriction on our line. Sure enough, this morning, I got through on my first try to Frankfurt and talked to Ronja for a second. LT Orr and Sergeant Lawson couldn’t believe it, I was proud of myself. I believe you should take matters into your own hands and not take no for an answer (as long as you are morally right). Most of the time, you get results. If you really want something, go to the top to get it. LT Orr was like, “Thompson, you are PFC Wintergreen, from the book Catch 22!” I’ve never read it, but I can imagine.
I got to call you!!! I LOVE YOU! I got 6 packages, and they made (still are!) me so happy! YOU ARE THE BEST! I went to go pick them up, and Sergeant Choy and Sergeant Albert walked by. Sergeant Albert was like, “T, you’ve got a lot of packages!” Sergeant Choy tried to stare at me, but I just stared back and grinned. He got scared and looked away. He’s really hateful. Today, we think he poured gas on the watermelons and killed them. There’s more to that story, but he’s lost everyone’s respect. I’m 90% sure he did it, everybody else is 100% sure. I got so extremely angry, it became peace, I calmed down. I realized he doing that just made him look even worse. What goes around comes around. I’m not worried about it, life will deal with him. Such a child, jealous because I got packages with Mrs. Choy’s return address – from you! Oh well, it doesn’t matter, we’ll be OK. It was all OK. I got to talk to you, and it was so good! You sent $20 in the package, and that was enough to call you on the internet! I was pretty gray the last few nights for wanting to speak to you! God it was so good! I love you, and today all I could think about was you going to Paris on the train. I was excited for you! I’m going to try to call you now!


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