Thursday, August 07, 2003

Attacks on the Rise; Bremer Plantation Gets Hit, Prisoner Escapes

7 Aug 03

Another day almost gone. I got to talk to you for almost 3 hours total today! WOW! I feel a difference too! It’s so great laughing with you on the phone! I feel like I’m right at home, God I miss you so much! Time will go by fast though.
Well this morning I got up and mopped the floor so the guys could get some extra rest. I had a good laugh though. It seems one of the prisoners escaped this morning from the “prison” – guarded by 2 guards and a sign “If you try to escape, you will be shot.” Well apparently, no one else even noticed that he escaped until Major Stanton saw a scantily dressed Iraqi running about the camp like a lost animal. The major then asked for the prisoners to be counted, and sure enough, there was one missing. Not only was he missing, but he escaped our perimeter fortress of concertina wire and machine gun nests. I thought he must have been quite agile, and tough – because he left all his clothes behind! So this little naked Iraqi man runs free today. He was one of the guys who was drunk off his ass last night, captured for running a checkpoint and crashing into the Hummer. He tried to resist arrest, so he caught a fist to the face and got a black eye. Well, I guess this morning he sobered up and dashed for freedom. I had to laugh so hard, even though it’s a bit serious that he could have fired our unmanned .50 cal machine gun just around the corner, or give away our weaknesses. Well, SSG Choy is in charge of the prison. This made the escape even batter, especially since Pingdong Choy is walking around at almost all hours in PT (Physical Training) uniform, not the duty uniform. To add to this, he had put one of our intel informant prisoners (who was going to point out black market arms depots) onto a truck along with other criminals to be taken to a prison camp. The intel officer, Captain Jasper, went to ask for the prisoner, only to find that he too was gone. It became apparent Pingdong wasn’t doing his job, he’s busy sleeping all day and getting fat.
There were a lot of attacks today in the west, they always seem to be in the west. IED, machine gunnings, RPG attack near the Bremer plantation. We’ve been lucky, very lucky.


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