Saturday, August 16, 2003

Special Forces Allegedly Steals Mother's Gold from U.N. Employee; My First Nightmare in Iraq

16 August, 2003

This morning I came into work and was there was already a report of a dead body found. Early this morning, at around 3 a.m., I had another nightmare, and woke up yelling. I woke up some others in my new room too, a bit embarrassing. I dreamed that I yelled, but I had also yelled in reality. I have never done that before. I remember in my dream I was sick, something in my stomach. I remember being with you, then taken away. They said SPC Manson was going to drive me to the hospital here in Iraq. It was dark and raining. He’s not a good driver, and sure enough, we went off the road. That was when I yelled. It was so much anger and stress and longing for you, all let out at once. I sat up and couldn’t believe it. The night before last I had another nightmare that I couldn’t find you. I was just back from Iraq, and we wanted to go to a dance, like a high school dance or something. You and your classmates were gone, only some where there, at this hotel conference center place. I was calling for you and looking and I couldn’t find you or get in touch with you on the phone. I was so upset. I know it was just a dream though. I think it’s just because I couldn’t get in touch with you because the phone here isn’t working. It’s been hard, I almost cried when I thought about it. I was worried about your voice too, because you sound nervous or uneasy. I hope all is OK. This internet phone is tricky, sometimes it works. Sometimes not. It’s just good to hear your voice. I love you! I worked on your birthday picture too. I’m putting a good package together for you! It’s tough being away from you.
Here’s a story I just heard. “We were at the Friedberg Fest, and there was a big bowl that people were pouring all kinds of alcohol in it. One of our guys pissed in a Corona bottle and poured it into the bowl. Well, it got all mixed and one guy drank it! Just all ARRRR and scarfed it down!” said the scout. “Then the new guy Dyke, when he first got here, one of us jerked off in his drink, then he drank it! He never knew!” I couldn’t believe that. That was the second such story I had heard in a year.
One case I was interested in this week was a raid conducted by Special Forces in A Company zone. The raid ended up targeting the wrong house. As the team entered the house, the Iraqi man inside fired a pistol at who he thought were Ali Babba. They used explosives to get in. He then retreated with his mother to a neighboring house by going over the roof. The Special Forces cleared the house and left. They left behind a mess, and left with the mother’s gold, large amounts of cash, and other items. It turned out the man is a computer specialist and works for the United Nations. So now our Major Stanton is trying to get to the bottom of what happened. They have to go all the way to CFLCC
[1] to begin to find out what happened.

[1] Coalition Forces Land Component Command


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