Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Bush Orders Failed Attack on Fallujah in Revenge for Murdered Contractors; Getting to Know the American Mercinaries

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An-Najaf CPA 1645 4 May, 2004

Everything is calm now, a day after intense firefights broke out around our compound in An-Najaf. Yesterday was also the first anniversary of our engagement, and I determined to call you regardless of the danger involved – and even though it sounds exaggerated, it is always dangerous to call. Yesterday’s firefight turned into a small scale battle, one which I found myself in the middle of.
Let me explain the situation. Our task force of around 500 people was chosen to go between the cities of An-Najaf and Al-Kufa, seat of Muqtadr Sadr. We are sitting right in the middle of Iraq’s hottest and most potentially explosive *We’re under mortar attack right now!* city next to Fallujah. Our little 3-32 AR task force somehow found its way here. We were sent here to guard the CPA from attack, as the Spanish were ordered to withdraw by their new prime minister. The compound consists of several buildings *Under mortar attack again* that were a college, as well as some other buildings that were near completion or under construction. Our soldiers have occupied most of the buildings and taken good care of them. The CPA is symbolic of U.S. authority in Iraq, so higher-up says it must be protected. The actual CPA building is a small, 2 story building crawling with contracted security, armed to the teeth, from Backwater Security (the same firm that had 4 of its workers killed and mutilated in Fallujah – sparking the siege of Fallujah last month). It seems there are more security people here than workers, but that possibly hasn’t always been the case. Some other government agencies (CIA, FBI) are operating there too. Some of the hired guns look very young. Many are former Rangers, SEALs, or Special Forces. Some have long surfer hair and diesel-fueled tattoos or long, styled sideburns that flare out at the ends. Some of these guys look very young. You wonder how many people those young, bright, confident-looking guys have killed. They seem to enjoy what they do, but their appearance seems to be more like that of a college athlete and not personal and compound security. Deep down inside, what motivates these guys to come here, simply money, the adventure, or the target rich environment? Some other armed civilians are around our camp too. If looks were any indication of character, a few of these guys would seem dubious, from Backwater or CIA or CPA…whatever. One guy is balding, poor upper body build, black mustache and goatee, always wears a white undershirt and wears a sneering, evil-looking expression. “I don’t know what they are shooting at all the time,” the Spanish commander said to us while talking about the Backwater guys. During mortar attacks, Backwater would launch M203 grenade rounds and machinegun fire into the perimeter areas and surrounding urban areas. There’s no telling how many people have been killed by their indiscriminant fire, but it makes you wonder about every action having an equal and opposite reaction – like the 4 guys killed in Fallujah, maybe they had actually killed several innocent people before ever being killed themselves, and fate caught up with them and made them pay for their sins. In Iraq, there does seem to be a dark force dealing justice to both sides, making each side pay for its sins – only sometimes at the price of good people. “Thou shall not kill,” God says. But once you cross that line into war, you enter a contract of death, with evil. And evil is an adjective to describe dictators, it’s a part of war, the soul of war is evil, and there is no God in war. Once you violate His law, you enter the dark night where only the primitive dwell, only those who reject His law. You must reap what you sew, this saying is so true. I love you Nora, I’ll always do the right thing for you.

The siege of Fallujah, sparked on the orders of George W. Bush in response to the grizzly deaths of several contract security guards, failed. Over 70 Marines died in a knee-jerk attempt to avenge the deaths of civilian mercenaries. Of course, Fallujah had been a problem for a while, but Marines had been dying there for almost a year before these mercs had been killed. Now, a few mercs – first and foremost in Iraq for the action and money – are killed, and Marines are sent scrambling towards the Fallujah to bring the attackers to justice! And because the offense was hastily executed against a radical and capable enemy, the Marines, regretfully, withdrew. I was extremely angry when I heard about the Marine withdraw. Over 70 Marines lost, and we had nothing to show for it, not a goddamned thing. Due to Washington’s demands for immediate revenge, under prepared Marines paid the price. The defeat hurt my morale and the morale of others, for sure. The news of the withdraw came at a time when we needed a victory in Iraq. The Marines are to be feared and respected by the enemy, but when you misuse the Marines, and it results in their demise, it only weakens their full capability to win the mental victory before the fight even begins. Insurgents feared the Marines before Fallujah. Now, the insurgents were emboldened. Why did we start a fight we could not win, and lose power capital? Why was it allowed to happen in the first place? Over civilian contractors?! I wondered why we didn’t overwhelm Fallujah, and secure a strategic and morale boosting victory. We didn’t have enough combat power in the country – that was why. Months later, as Bush campaigned across America, Fallujah was taken successfully – after proper preparation.

Read more about the uncensored book and see the unique Website with over an hour of free video, museum, and original documents from Iraq. Order the underground book - only a box of copies remain available. See www.american-interrupted.com.


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